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Rebel Culture It may have been a miserable weekend here in the UK, but what an uplifting programme of events there was at the Rebel Culture Weekend, hosted by environmental group Coventry Extinction Rebellion. Everything from cookery, to poetry, to yoga, to talks on How to reduce your Carbon Footprint and discussion such as What might solve Climate Change?

We were very pleased to be invited to lead on another Make Your Own Pad Envrion-menstrual workshop. We really wanted to make it suitable for everybody. In three-quarters of an hour, we managed to sew a small liner. You just needed to find some scraps of material from around the house, maybe an old flannel, or an old-T shirt and find a needle and cotton. You didn't even need any sewing experience! We cut out a liner shape on the three pieces of material and sewed them together using a simple running stitch. We then went back round again to make it totally secure.

You could use the liner on it's own, but I'm going to use mine as an insert to a simple winged pad I made earlier. I have sewed two lines across the diagonal to form a liner pocket, then cut a slit to insert it.

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