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See their little eyes light up on Christmas Day!

We all love Christmas. But the older we get, the more we say, 'it's not about the receiving, it's about the giving'. Who doesn't love to see a child's face light up with anticipation and wonder when they receive a wrapped gift? Those short few moments as gratification is delayed until they undo the paper...its a joy to feast on!

As of today, I can tell you it's 62 days until Christmas! They will go incredibly quickly no doubt. Our friends in the Philippines are already thinking about all the children they support, who have, literally, nothing. Every year they buy Christmas gifts for all of the children and wrap them up in colourful paper. The gifts are given out at wonderful Christmas parties and a great celebration is had by all.

We are being invited to contribute the cost of a gift; it's about £1.50. That's all it would take to make a little child very happy. If you would like to help with this, please go to our donations page and give what you can. Many thanks

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