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Who are we?


Rebecca is Biologist, Environmentalist and Educationalist, currently researching for a PhD in Menstrual Literacy.  She passionately believes that educating girls is the way to change the world, and by addressing the limitations of menstruation, she hopes to empower girls to do just that.   Her PhD has been a comparative study of girls' menstrual knowledge and experience in High and Low Income Countries.  Girls-Sussed was born when she realised that it's not just somebody else's problem in a far off land; the problems of menstrual management and menstrual stigma are universal.  We can learn from each other about sustainable solutions.  Rebecca is actively involved in menstrual research and menstrual education globally.

Rebecca Evans



Beth is Rebecca's daughter, and a staunch feminist!  She is currently studying for a degree in Geography in London, and works part-time in a vegan Coffee Shop.  She enjoys taking photographs, sewing, travelling and blogging.  She is keen on promoting menstrual equity and has been instrumental in running The Red Tent Project in the UK, aiming to provide a space for teenagers to discuss all things menstrual. Currently the Red Tent product demonstrations and sewing workshops are online.  She has also set up a t-shirt printing shop, proclaiming feminist and sustainability messages, in order to support our work.  


UK Coordinator


Ruzelle is a Social Worker for Kapatiran-Kaunlaran Foundation in the Philippines.  She has carried out research amongst the residents of Manila North Cemetery and assisted Rebecca with Water and Sanitation fieldwork there.  Despite tragedies in her own life, she has a big heart for the poor and is both a teacher and advocate.   Ruzelle is interested in the use of washable menstrual pads to combat period poverty.

Your support will help us to provide Hygiene Kits to girls in informal settlements of Manila.


Representative in the Philippines



Representative in the Ghana



Partner, Girls Arise,  Uganda

Patricia is a civil engineer based in Ghana, who has worked on some WASH in Schools (WIN) projects and become interested in the challenges of menstrual hygiene.  Pat and Rebecca met whilst studying for Masters Degrees at the Water and Engineering Development Centre at Loughborough University in the UK.  They have collaborated since on curriculum development for Girls' Clubs in West Africa.   

Your support will help us to provide washable menstrual products to girls in Ghana.

Sandra is a teacher in Uganda.  She knows all too well the problems faced by girls.  Resources are so limited, most of the girls stay at home when they are menstruating, missing out on vital education.  She has set up an organisation, Girls Arise, to provide both education and pads.

Your support will help us to provide washable menstrual pads to girls in Uganda.

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